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Get COMPLETE Childbirth Education from a CHRISTIAN Perspective
(from a midwife with over 20 years experience!)

This course will give you EVERYTHING you need to know for pregnancy, labor, birth, postpartum, AND breastfeeding!


With so many childbirth education courses available out there, why are so many Christian mamas choosing this one?

​Simply put -- because Lori is the real deal!  She is a certified nurse-midwife with over 20 years experience in the maternity world, but beyond that, she also had all of her babies outside the hospital AND breastfed them all well past a year -- and one she nursed for FOUR years!  She's got the practical and clinical knowledge to help you be completely prepared for what lies ahead!


The Your Birth, God's Way Christian Childbirth Education Course brings you all of this and so much more!

You'll learn about how to embrace God's perfect design for pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, and motherhood!

We talk about the realities of the medicalized maternity system and ways that you can still have your birth the way God intended it!

You'll walk away ready to rock your birth with strength, confidence, peace, and JOY as you leave behind the fear and worry the world and "man's wisdom" bring.

​PLUS you'll get the chance to get YOUR QUESTIONS answered LIVE during a monthly Zoom call with me! This course covers pretty much everything under the sun, but in case I miss something you want to learn about, you'll get to submit your questions and get the answers you need!

Here's what we cover in the course:

There are a lot of childbirth education classes out there, but most are leaving out the most important element -- GOD! Why would we choose to leave out the One who created the process?? He knows best how we were designed and how our bodies work, so to best embrace birth, we must lean on Him and His wisdom.

This course brings together 20+ years of education and experience in maternity care with a truly faith-based, faith-led perspective on pregnancy and birth. There is no other course out there quite like this one! You will get EVERYTHING you need to walk confidently through the most beautiful time of your life -- the time when you are growing human life inside of you and bringing it into the world WITHOUT FEAR!

You're going to learn to...

Cast all your care on Him, for He cares for you.

​1 Peter 5:7


  • BEST PRICE ANYWHERE – this course is the most complete, most balanced course you'll find from a Christian perspective 
  • Truly Faith-Based – You won't find any of the new-agey stuff here!  Just Bible-based instruction about perfect design for pregnancy.  The courses are loaded with scripture and biblical encouragement from a faithful Christian who walks the talk!
  • ​​ 20+ years of experience – Lori has been in the maternity world on both sides and gets the truth of the big picture in a way many can't because she's been on the "dark side" and come to the light as she learned the truth.  She's also had 3 births of her own outside of the hospital!
  • Live Q&A– Most courses give you the information, but you have to sort through it on your own.  But with this course, you'll get a chance each month to sit down with Lori LIVE to get your burning questions answered!
  • Get Focused on God's ways, not fallible man's ways – This course goes HEAVY into knowing and relying on the fact that God made women to give birth and when we work WITH that perfect design, things tend to work out beautifully!
  • ​​ Gain confidence  – You will be able to confidently decide what you want in your birth as well as what you don't want AND you will be prepared to articulate those things and advocate strongly for yourself!


And Together We Embark On Your Journey!


You'll get...

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Your Birth, God's Way Online Christian Childbirth Education Course

This course is PACKED with everything under the sun you need to know to have a God-filled, healthy pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum! Available in video and audio formats!



cover-placeholder-book png

Relaxation Tracks

Faith-based relaxation track audio files you can use to help keep your mind focused leading up to labor and during birth



cover-placeholder-book png

Christian Birth Affirmation Cards

Post reminders throughout your life to remind you of what you believe while dampening the noise of the world which tries to sew seeds of doubt at every turn!



cover-placeholder-book png

Live Q&A Sessions Monthly

Access to a monthly LIVE question and answer session with Lori to get your questions answered by a certified nurse-midwife with no agenda other than helping YOU have your birth GOD"S WAY!



cover-placeholder-book png

Completion Certificate

Proudly display your new knowledge! Also helpful for some insurance companies who want to see proof of completion of a childbirth education class.



Total Value $1268, Normally $247

Today's Price: ONLY $197

What Graduates Are Saying

It was exactly what I was looking for. Kept God in the center, was natural minded, gave both perspectives from the medical side and the natural side. You gave honest answers of the pros and cons to both sides which gave us the information to make the decision on our own. Felt like I am getting the whole truth of the situation and the reality of what it will be like to give birth...This class has been beyond valuable and I'm so glad that I signed up!!

Sarah R.

You are very knowledgeable and I loved learning alongside other Christians who want to bring God back into our birth process.

Alysa F.

The amount of in-depth information was far beyond what I expected. I feel so much more empowered to make choices for me and my baby now. Not only did I learn so much, but I am better able to explain my reasoning to my husband who isn’t quite in the same place. I’m sounding less and less crazy to him the more information I’ve been able to share. He even said he would go back and listen to the recordings!

Mariya G.

Total Value $1268

Today's Price: ONLY $247

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